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Remarkable Durability & Strength Assured In Our Marshal PP Core Rope, PP Straps For Packing, HDPE Rope For Horticulture, Combination Rope And More Products.

About Us

Ropes are the friend of humans from ancient times. From agriculture to horticulture, construction, sports and many more fields, ropes have entered into all physical areas of societies & lives and, become highly useful one way or another. This has led us to think of what is the future of ropes and, how can we make them more resourceful & reliable for people. One thing for sure is that we, Marshal Polymers, are going to be notable contributor in this field for a long period of time as a manufacturer and wholesaler. With the rising standards & advancing technology, we promise to continuously bring superior grade of Marshal PP Core Rope, HDPE Rope For Horticulture, PP Straps For Packing, PP Spiral Rope, Combination Rope, Commercial PP And PE Rope and more items.

We work on quality and variety because we believe that it is the crux that motivates us to present various newer better products to our customers. We also provide them innovative and customized solutions while, our end goal remains to achieve their absolute satisfaction and fulfillment.


The manufacturing process of ropes of higher strength and superior durability is a challenging task to execute perfectly. And, we have backed ourselves with all the essential infra facilities like latest machines & equipment for the non stop of production of ropes in bulk quantity as per specifications. This way, we complete each order of customers precisely and timely while adhering to latest standards.

As the process of treating the synthetic ropes is quite stringent, we have a qualitative & safe storage area where we keep these ropes for long duration in order to prevent them from rising obstructions in quality control. Our result-oriented creative geniuses unleash their talent into pulling out desired quality of results so that, we stay highly resourceful for the customers and do not lag behind in delivering them finest grade of results.


With a commitment to growth, we are moving progressively in the industry. For us, the progress of our team members, vendors, partners, etc., is as important as the constant improvement in the quality of our products such as Combination Rope, PP Straps For Packing, PP Spiral Rope and others.

Grow Together

We have built and maintained a culture of collaborative growth at our company which is driven by faith & cooperation of all the professionals working at our firm. Our learning processes are designed in a manner so that, all the team members progress together.

Key Features

  • Innovation & creativity
  • Quality at its peak
  • Reasonable pricing 
  • Meeting the exact requirements of consumers
  • Grabbing opportunities for development

Our Values - Innovation

We value innovation the most because it is the key factor that separates us from many other producers and suppliers in the domain. It makes a more promising and progressive firm in the domain. Our visionary leaders, experienced team members and associated partners are the main source of innovation who suggest creative ideas for enhancing product quality, product application, product durability, optimum utility and commercial feasibility.

Quality And Expertise

Our firm is backed by a team of professionals which possesses outstanding expertise in the development of PP Straps For Packing, Combination Rope, PP Spiral Rope and many more products. With their talent, our firm has set new benchmarks for quality in the field and strengthened our position in the industry. Our delivered products receive huge compliments for their visually appealing as well as high endurance capacity.


Surety comes in everything that we do. Starting from the products, we deliver only quality assured items from our end. Then, we assure market expansion & profits to our respective partners, business growth to suppliers, timely delivery of products to customers and, right opportunities for our employees to learn & grow.

Our Team

The leading members of our team are Mr. Manoj Patel (Managing Director) and Mr. Harshad Baldha (Domestic Sales Manager). Under their supervision & guidance, our entire team is working flawlessly and progressively day & night. They uphold years of experience and knowledge in the domain which, we also consider as ultimate strength of our firm.


Our Rajkot based production unit is facilitated with world class infra facilities that enable us to produce around 500 Tons of PP Straps For Packing, HDPE Rope For Horticulture, Commercial PP And PE Rope and other items on a monthly basis. At our premises, we have 6 high end machines that allow us to pull out desired results smoothly.

Industries We Are Serving

  • Fishing & Aquaculture: Our high in strength combination ropes, heavy duty PP fishing ropes and flexible pp ropes for aquaculture are widely demanded by the customers from respective sector on a regular basis.
  • Marine & Shipping: We are providing relevant categories of ropes for marine and shipping purposes as per their latest quality standards and requirements.
  • Industrial & Safety: The extra tensile PP rope for defense industry, minimum elongation of PP rope for trolling and PP rope for earth movers of higher strength compared to nylon are available at us at supreme quality & cost-efficient prices.
  • Agriculture & Horticulture: Our specially designed HDPE rope for agriculture and horticulture has better breaking strength than conventional HDPE rope, PP rope for agriculture are torque free & balanced in construction and PP spiral wrap tree rope supports limbs & branches safely.
  • Commercial & Retail: The most cost effective rope commercial PP rope for pipe protection also has minimum compressive strength and PP rope for transportation has extra strong & long life.
  • Sports & Recreation: We are presenting a bunch of premium quality ropes that match the requirements of sports and recreational activities.

Latest Trade Offers
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